Weekend Project to Improve Accessibility

Maddie Feder is a young Loveland woman who knows her way around the kitchen.  She is a talented baker and has spent the past few months baking cake pops, cupcakes and other treats to raise money for service training for her dog Daisy. That mission was accomplished this past month and Daisy’s training will start early next year.

Maddie suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which affects her connective tissue and joints.  It has caused a host of other complications and requires constant care.  Last February, Maddie lost most of the use of her legs due to paraplegia and requires a wheelchair to get around.  The family has worked hard to transition the house to more easily accommodate her, but challenges remained.

With over 150 labor hours, the group was able to put down new flooring and open up a critical doorway for better access.  There were a few more cosmetic projects knocked out as well, all in the name of allowing Maddie more freedom to get around and do the things she loves to do.

Besides our team of 15 volunteers, including Kevin Egan, Brian Garry, Denny Mitchell, Mark Heidrich, Brad Lee, Keith Holley, Barry Milinovich, Phil Vogel, Mike Hermann, Ben Hill, Lance Feder, Todd Romer, Steve Robinson, Tim Egan, Bill Re, Marc Taylor and Eric Dearing, we would like to recognize a couple of businesses that leaned in to help.  A big thank you to John Hill Construction for their generous donation of materials, labor and expertise!  And Kitchens By Rutenschroer (KBR) donated materials and were a huge help!

If you would like to contribute to Maddie’s cause, please click the Donation Button and specify “Maddie Feder” in the Public Message of Support line towards the bottom of the donation screen.


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