We are committed to helping those small businesses in our community and their employees who have been significantly affected by the closures due to COVID-19. Many of our local small businesses became the roots of the Foundation as a ‘pay it forward’ act of generosity following the events related to the fire in May 2017. And, as Loveland has come back STRONGER, many more have supported the work of the Foundation over the past 2 ½ years, including our recent ‘LEAP for Loveland Legacy Foundation’ event.

It is time again, for our community to surround them with support. The Loveland Legacy Foundation will be collecting gift cards for the ‘necessities of life’ (food, gas, home & auto repair, etc.) and distributing them to unemployed workers to help bridge the gap. Consider a gift card from an area business or store where they can obtain the resources they may be lacking.

Gift cards can be dropped off at: Alley Boutique located in Historic Downtown Loveland at 210 West Loveland, Ohio. (drop cards in secure mailbox next to the flagpole) or the Little Miami River Chamber of Commerce: 425 West Loveland Avenue mailbox.


Loveland Legacy Foundation is also asking for monetary donations to help business owners who may need help with rent or supplies to stay open. Please make donations directly to Loveland Legacy Foundation.

Loveland area businesses need us all at this time. They are the fabric of our community, and have been generous to all of us, it’s time for US to give to them.

Thank you!

In addition to our support for local businesses, the Loveland Legacy Foundation has provided funding for ZOOM accounts for The Care Center  and the L.I.F.E. Food Pantry to assist connecting with their clients while maintaining social distancing.

We are also actively engaged with the newly formed, overarching committee, caring for the Loveland area residents: Loveland Community Resources.

Finally, we are listening! If you have a suggestion or know if a community need that is yet unmet, please let us know.