Loveland Legacy Foundation Supports Chapelwood Fire Victims

The fire that occurred on Saturday, November 13th, at Chapelwood Apartments in Loveland, OH left 15 families without a place to live. Some lost everything and had to find a new home. As is the case in these situations, the American Red Cross stepped in to help with financial support for temporary housing (many were staying in hotels). And, as is the case here in Loveland, local support organizations stepped up to assist these families as well, including The Care Center, LIFE Food Pantry, New Life Furniture, etc. The Loveland Legacy Foundation is proud to work in concert with these organizations, helping to amplify their efforts to assist those with the greatest need in the most effective manner. Your donations to the Loveland Legacy Foundation were put to use, assisting these families through this difficult period.

Working together with The Care Center, we supported the fire victims/families with the following:

  • Provided a $500 gift card to 8 families to help assist with short term housing at a hotel. (Care Center also provided some additional $500 gift cards to families who needed additional assistance here.)
  • Provided these 8 families with several gift cards to local restaurants to help assist with food costs due to hotel stays.
  • Provided 1 family with an entire house full of furniture at a cost of $815 through New Life Furniture.

No one ever expects to fall victim to a fire in the home – thank you for your heartfelt donations! We surrounded these families with the LOVE of Loveland!